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Lock Rubber Floor Covering

SBR granules obtained from 100% recycling are dosed with polyurethane binders and color pigments.Harmony Lock series, which is obtained by agating and then pressing with high heat, is produced in 20×25 sizes and different thicknesses.

Since it is a plug-in system, it can be easily applied to the floor.

Our lock rubber flooring product is easy to repair and maintain because it is disassembled.

Lock Rubber Floor Covering Usage Areas​

  • On the floors of open and closed children's playgrounds.

  • Bicycle paths, traon training tracks, running and walking paths.

  • In nursing homes, children's hospitals, baby rooms.

  • In nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.

  • In classrooms, playgrounds and walking paths prepared for the disabled.

  • At shooting ranges.

  • In schoolyards and other garden areas.

  • At garage entrances and car parks.

  • It can be used on terraces, balconies and many other indoor and outdoor spaces you can think of.


200mm x 250mm   //  Produced in 2cm, 2.5cm, 3cm, 4cm thickness.

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Lock Rubber Flooring Production

ThatAccording to the chemical analysis results, rubber granules of 1.00 - 3.00 mm caliber obtained from 100% recycling are passed through the sieves, after the cleaning works are carried out, they are mixed with polyurethane-based single-component binder and UV-resistant color pigments in automatic mixers, poured into each container and dosed to produce rubber. It must be manufactured after being molded for a certain period of time by applying heat treatment and pressure in presses.


Polyurethane based single component binder in the production of molded rubbers

It should not be less than 6%.

In the production of rubber materials, iron oxide pigments should be used for red color and chromium oxide pigments should be used for green color.


Average weight of 1 square meter of rubber flooring materials;

For 25 mm it is between 20.50 – 21.50 kg.

Lock rubber floor covering material dimensions

It will have dimensions of 200x250x  20,25,30,or 40 mm.

Rubber floor covering to be laid on the floor Since the product is water permeable, there are water channels at the bottom of the material to provide drainage.

Chamfers should be drawn on the upper surface of rubber materials to form joints on the edges to allow the water on the surface to enter.


Rubber floor coveringOur products have the necessary quality certificates.

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