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Acrylic Sports Flooring

It is an aesthetic, decorative, hygienic, non-slip, road and floor covering material that can be used in open sports areas and is resistant to weather conditions, temperature differences, heavy pedestrian traffic and chemicals.

It is preferably applied in 2-3 mm thickness in various colors on asphalt or concrete with a special primer.

Acrylic Floor Covering is also applied on a roll rubber floor or on a rubber powder-filled cushion (surface conditioner). The purpose of this application is to increase the flexibility and shock absorbing properties of the floor.

System modified synthetic surfaceThe disinfectant is completed with the final coat of paint.


It is an ideal system developed for multi-purpose use for outdoor sports fields.


Areas of Use​

  • Hiking trails and cycling path

  • tennis courts

  • basketball courts

  • Volleyball / Handball courts

  • Multi-purpose sports fields

  • Skating Roller Tracks

  • athletics tracksI

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