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Block Rubber Flooring


B.lok rubberk floor covering is suitable for all climatic conditions.

It is highly preferred in multi-purpose areas with its non-slip, flexible texture.

Our block rubber flooring product is produced in 50x100 and 100x100 dimensions and 2 to 5 cm thickness.

Due to its plump structure, it is frequently preferred in outdoor sports areas, overpasses, walking paths and indoor fitness centers.

Block Rubber Floor Usage Areas​

  • On the floors of open and closed children's playgrounds.

  • On bicycle paths, traffic training tracks, jogging and walking paths

  • In Animal Shelters, (Cow Bed)

  • In classrooms, playgrounds and walking paths prepared for the disabled.

  • At shooting ranges.

  • In Gym Weight Areas (GYM and Fitness Hall Floors)

  • In schoolyards and other garden areas.

  • At garage entrances and car parks.


   1000mm x 1000mm   //  2.5cm,3cm,4cm thick and 

    500mm x 1000mm   // 2.5cm,3cm,4cmIt is produced in thickness.

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