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EPDM Roll Floor Covering

TOPDM is obtained by blending rubber granules with polyurethane binders and pressing them under high pressure.

The resulting logs are manufactured in various thicknesses on special sizing machines.

Roll rubber is used as a sound insulation material in the construction industry, as well as due to its structural properties.

It also provides thermal insulation.

It has Green product status, providing sound insulation between floors and protecting nature in the world and in Turkey as a 100% recyclable material.

It is the most preferred floor covering material because it is flexible and easy to apply.

Usage areas

  • Under Acrylic floor covering And Polyurethane Floor covering  

  • In Under-Screed Sound Insulation,

  • In-wall Audioin the quote,

  • Cinema and studio acoustic sound insulation

  • Outdoor and indoor gyms

  • At shooting ranges


It is produced in 4 mm and 10 mm thickness.

Technical specifications

  • EPDM Rubber roll carpet: It is produced in thickness between 3 mm and 10 mm.

  • The standard width is 120 cm.

  • The average mm/m2 weight is 1200 gr. 

  • EPDM Rubber roll carpets width standard length is according to customer request.

  • The raw material used is artificial rubber granule, which is 100% imported EPDM.

  • The raw materials used in the manufacturing of our products do not contain carcinogenic substances.

  • It is applied to the floor with polyurethane two-component adhesive.

  • Our factory and products have ISO and TSE quality certificates.

  • Our products do not freeze or retain snow in winter conditions.

  • The products do not burn from small sparks.

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