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Hexagonal Rubber Flooring

SHexagonal rubber floor covering, which is obtained by dosing BR granules with polyurethane binders and color pigments and then pressing them with high heat, creates a different atmosphere in all spaces with its modern design.

Hexagon - Hexzagon Rubber Floor Covering Usage Areas

  • On the floors of open and closed children's playgrounds

  • In nursing homes, children's hospitals, baby rooms.

  • In nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.

  • In classrooms, playgrounds and walking paths prepared for the disabled.

  • In schoolyards and other garden areas.

  • At garage entrances and car parks.



450mm x 400mm   //  Produced in 2cm, 2.5cm, 3cm, 4cm thickness.

A.ltigRubber flooring ureateam

Flexible floor coverings with Rubber Granules;  It must be manufactured by mixing 1.00 - 2.8 mm caliber granulated rubber particles with an anti-carcinogenic binder and ultraviolet-resistant iron oxide or chromium oxide pigment and pressing them in hexagonal molds under high heat and pressure for a certain period of time.

Hexagon Rubber flooring Applicationsi

DWide water channels at the bottom of the hexagonal rubber material are used to provide drainage and better adhesion to the ground.Its width is 25 mm and its depth is 3 mm.

Hexagonal Rubber floor covering is adhered to the concrete and screed surface prepared by the administration with special polyurethane adhesives.

hexagon krubber flooring gRequired Quality CertificatesWhat does it have?

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