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Tincreasing (Bulk) Rubber Sports Flooring

TRubber flooring applications are frequently preferred in outdoor sports areas due to their flexible, shock-absorbing  non-slip, resistant to UV rays of the sun, non-wearing structure and spongy texture.

Tartan rubber flooring is applied in two basic structures: SBR and SBR+EPDM Tartan rubber flooring.



SBR Tartan (Cast) Rubber Floor Covering

SGranule is the application of granules made into dough with the combination of PU binder and pigments, on the concrete floor with the help of a finisher or trowel.

Applied to the floor in the desired thickness  SBR rubber flooring flexible  and is waterproof.



SBR +EPDM Tartan (Cast) Rubber Floor Covering

A.Cast SBR is applied in the lower layer, and rubber paste created with EPDM granules and PU binder is applied in the upper layer.

This system doubles the durability in outdoor applications.

EPDM material does not cause discolouration due to its quality. It is harmless to health as it is a natural product.


Tartan (Cast) Rubber Floor Covering Usage Areas

*Bon basketball fields,

*On tennis courts,

*In volleyball courts,

*On bicycle and walking paths,

*On golf courses,

* In children's playgrounds,

*In the school garden,

*In multi-purpose areas,

*On Athletics Tracks  ArrowIt is used commonly.


 EPDM Cast Rubber Dimensions // 15+5mm – 13+7mm – 10+5mm – 8+7mm – 8+5mm

 SBR Cast Rubber Dimensions    //   15mm – 20mm – 25mm – 30mm

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